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Who wants to be low maintenance anyway? And since when is owning a single, lightly tinted chapstick a good thing? To whomever started this no fuss trend, with all due respect, we’d cry for you but our mascara is too damn expensive. Which is why we will be bold and unapologetic as we champion the spirit of all the confident, successful women who are equal parts swagger and substance.

  110 GREENE ST STE 305, New York, NY 10012-3832

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Natalie Austin
Natalie Austin09-21-2021 09:21PM

My first order I was sure they had taken too much from my debit card and contacted customer service. I finally got an explanation that I was still confused about but also an apology with$50 credit. I recently ordered with them, using the credit. I just tracked my order and it says it was delivered. My neighbors have never and would never take my packages,so I'm currently attempting to have them contact me regarding this. But the more comments I read and complaints, I'll be surprised if this company ends up being legit. So sad how these companies are allowed to be as dirty as they want to be.

Annie Williams
Annie Williams04-16-2021 07:33AM

I ordered a foundation on 3/29 and FedEx delivered it to my door on 4/7 but it magically wasn’t there when I got home. I reached out to IL Makiage on and reported the incident and they offered me a refund or another shipment on 4/8. We exchanged a few emails inquiring about how I can make sure I get my package this time and they were helpful. On 3/15 I asked if my new order shipped to which they replied that my order was delivered on 4/7 and if I didn’t get it to reply to this email. They never ordered me a new one after I told them the 4/7 was never received by me. I told them this They disregarded my emails and sent me the EXACT same email they sent me on 4/8 asking me if I wanted another foundation or a refund. I just asked for a refund. They have given me $60 worth of credit for the late shipment, the order I didn’t get, and then again. A lot of their store items are sold out so what am I going to spend the credit on? Things that I’m not interested in buying with me own money? The customer service experience was horrible.

Hellen01-06-2021 06:04PM

The foundation matches perfectly with my skin. I really love it.