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Chapman Las Vegas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram offers new and used Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram cars, trucks, and SUVs in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us at (702) 457-1061.

  3175 E SAHARA AVE, Las Vegas, NV 89104-4302

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Terressa07-23-2020 02:28PM

Never been lied to so much in my life. To begin with I was not sure about the timing of buying the new truck I was in need of. I actually said no to my sales person and got the third degree from him. I had to actually raise my voice to talk over his. If you knew me that is not what I am about. The next evening, this same sales rep. then called my wife and was able to get her to put 2000 dollars down until I had time to reconsider. I did not reconsider and called him the next morning to again tell him no, only to find out that the 2000 bucks was non refundable. A detail he left out when he spoke with my wife. It took another day for me to get to speak with a manager who also didn't want to refund the down payment even though my wife was lied to in order to get her to put it down. These things were taking place over the phone because my wife and I live in California and it is a four hour trip to the dealership. Because she is a Nurse we had to wait a couple days for her day to be able to ride with me. On the way we figured that we might as well get the truck, because we were going to be loosing the 2000 if we didn't. Upon arriving we were met with a new sales rep. and not the one we had been speaking with. Now, this is where it really gets bad. We were told our loan was approved, "LIE". It was not approved for almost a month. We were told that they would send our information to the DMV the next day," LIE". This also took over a month. In fact I am still waiting to be able to drive my truck. I forgot to take the tags off my trade and they forgot to give me dealer tags, I was told these would be mailed right away, "LIE", never got them. I would have fought for my old truck back after the second week of nothing happening on their part. However, even without them paying off the loan on it they sold it that quick. That is illegal by the way. It wasn't a lie to me directly but it was a lie to the people they sold it to. Nothing was handled the way it should have been. In fact, the new truck had a bunch of leaves in the bed because it had not been cleaned up for us like we were told it would be. Our sales rep. at the end of the purchase took no time to talk with us he just handed us the keys and left us to figure everything out. And he told us that he would nock off a few more dollars if we would give him five stars for his review. Sorry Josh, I would have loved to been able to do that for you. But this was the worst experience I have ever encountered with the purchase of anything. I wish I could love the new truck like I did my old one but I can't even drive it because of the negligence on the part of your dealership. It is looking like it is going to be another month, the DMV is still waiting for the paperwork. And with all that is going on right now when they finally do get it, it will still take time for them to get their part done. P.S. Do not let them call you back on their personal phone!!!! They can then speak to you in a different tone and it is

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