Top Tips For Business Owners To Increase Presence On the Internet

by Betsy Says on 04-01-2019 in BUSINESS

Top Tips For Business Owners To Increase Presence On the Internet

loHaving an online presence is no longer optional.

Brands and businesses use their online presence to increase their audience and ultimately, increase their revenue.

Here are four tips to help you do precisely that.


Tip #1. Offer Your Audience Valuable & Constant Content


No matter where you choose to put yourself on the internet, the number one key to maximizing that presence is content.

Content can come in many forms, video, infographics, and of course, written.

Mix up your content forms but stay consistent! Share valuable interesting content to your audience and watch as your reach grows.


Tip #2. Get Social!


Research to see where your audience hangs out and then make that your go-to platform. For example, post more on Facebook or Twitter if those are the more popular spots for your audience.

Also, be engaging! Don’t just post a message and then leave it in the void.

Respond when your followers comment back.

To gain followers and increase your presence, post regularly and be engaging when you do.

Social media is a great way to gain the trust of your audience and aids you in developing a strong relationship with them.


Tip #3. Connect with Influencers & Brands


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that networking is not important online. Guest posting and podcasting are great ways to build relationships with influencers and brands that can expose you to a wider audience.

Before you start seeking guest post spots etc., make sure you can add value to their audience. Also, be sure to confirm that your audience will be interested in their content. Make your pitches accordingly.


Tip #4. Use SEO to Get Ahead


Did you know that where your website ranks will greatly affect your audience’s opinion of your business? It does!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, helps your website get to the top of search results.

Learn more about SEO to ensure that you get the presence you need to maximize your online space. Also, be sure to take advantage of sites like Domain Listings to get your business noticed in multiple outlets.


Tip #5. Focus On Local Audiences


Local listings create far more traffic for businesses than broader sites.


Because local search is different than general search results.

Competing with every business in the US is much more difficult than competing with your local businesses.

How do you achieve this goal? Well, first, you need to figure out what your local audience is searching for. To follow up on the last point regarding SEO, start using search terms in your content that reflect the audience you’re after.

For example, if you own a dental office in Seattle, try adding keywords like, “dentist near me” or “dentists in Seattle.” Infusing the name of your area into your content strengthens your local search.

Also, be sure to claim your business listing on sites like Google. This is a great way to get noticed in search results.


Tip #6. Streamline Your Branding


Whatever strategy you use to market your business, make sure it is consistent.

For example, many businesses pair up their social media marketing with email marketing campaigns.

Create a campaign that plays off your social media presence to intrigue your audience and develop sticky branding.

Make sure you follow up on your promises, too.

If you’re offering discounts on social media, make sure your audience gets the message by including that offer in your emails and newsletters.

Creating content that is harmonious makes your content trustworthy and shareable. It’s a great way to increase your presence on the internet.


Tip #7. Reduce Your Promotion


It might sound counterintuitive, but you don’t want to overpromote.

Think about it, how often do you go to a brand’s page hoping to be inundated with sales copy? Never, right?

Well, your audience is the same. They don’t want to listen to you talk about your services all the time. And they won’t.

Develop a content strategy that focuses on your audience first. Keep your promotional content to 20% for the best possible results.

Of course, when you do promote, such as when you’re listing your site on an Internet Directory, good promotion is important. Learn when to promote and when to reel it in, if you want a strong internet presence.


Tip #8. Maximize Blogging


One of the most effective ways to increase your brand’s online presence is blogging.

Blogging tops email marketing and social media content!

Companies that post more frequently see a significant increase in their online traffic. Best of all, blogging allows you to target your audience and answer the questions they have.

Even if you don’t have an in-house writing team you can hire a freelance writer or specialist to develop content in line with your branding.

Whatever route you go, be sure to make the most of your website by adding a blog section and update it frequently.


Tip #9. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly


More people use their mobile device to browse the internet than ever before (up to 52 percent of internet users, according to studies). If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your audience.

Your entire website should be easily browsed via a mobile device. That means the formatting, design, and font should be clearly visible.

Not only should you update your website for mobile friendliness to improve the user experience, but it also makes a difference in your Google and search ranking.

Contact a designer if you’re having trouble improving your website.


Tip #10. Analyze Your Strategies Regularly


The internet is changing rapidly, as is the way people use it.

Make sure you are on top of the changes by analyzing your web presence frequently and updating where necessary.

Bonus Tip:

If you want to earn greater online exposure don’t forget to list your website on an online business directory. This exposes you to tens of thousands of potential customers with very little effort! 

Keep these tips in mind to create a powerful online presence that increases your revenue and strengthens your business.